Saturday, 25 March 2017

Film No. 18 (2017) Just To Be Sure (Otez-Moi D'un DOUTE) March 17th.

Film No. 18 (2017) March 17th.  11.00 PM LUNA SX, Fremantle.  Alliance Francaise Festival Perth 15.03 - 05.04.

"When we open the envelop we either use the room or walk away, it's the way I like to play it" (Anna lays it on the line to Erwan before they open the envelope with an answer to a key question).

So how would we feel to find out we aren't the flesh and blood we thought we were? Well, 110 minutes in company with Just To Be Sure may help to give a sense of that precise feeling. Erwan (Francois Damiens) is a grounded widower who by chance discovers the father he's loved through life is not of the same D.N.A. But as he seeks to find the truth, life takes a series of turns which set to challenge our Erwan's heart. Typically, Otez-Moi is a solid French social drama glued together by charismatic performances, particularly from Damiens and Cecile De France as Anna. A good wet and wintery Sunday afternoon watch. 8GUMS.    

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