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Friday, 24 March 2017

Film No. 17 (2017) Quo Vado March 19th.

Film No. 17 (2017) March 19th.  2.00 PM THE REDMOND THEATRE, Ocean Reef.

"Every one in Italy wants a permanent job".

Quo Vado broke Italian cinema box office records in 2015. Possibly because so many natives could relate to the comic depictions of a theme close to their collective hearts; the welded on notion that securing a public servant position was one of life's lotto wins. Chekko (Chekko Zalone) leads us on this light and very amusing morality tale. The fun is universal as Chekko's simplistic, but heartfelt life story is unveiled, flashback style in a deep, dark jungle. Why? well all is revealed. There is nothing new, but it is tight, funny and the Italians just loved it. 9GUMS. 

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