Saturday, 11 March 2017

Film No. 15 (2017) Handsome Devil March 5th.

Film No. 15 (2017) March 5th.  8.00 PM SOMERVILLE U.W.A. Nedlands.


"Everyone at Woodpile College is obsessed with rugby. I didn't hate rugby, but what happened if you didn't love it?" (The opening voiceover of Ned as he begins his coming of age adventure at boarding school).

Loner, red head independent thinker, Ned, shares boarding accommodation with talented rugby sports jock, Nick, in a coming of age tale which gets bogged in cliche, but only slightly. What begins on the surface as a laugh out loud comedy develops to become something deeper in it's interpretation of boys, their families, their friends, belonging, stereotyping and yes, you guessed it, coming of age. In a genre packed with classics, Handsome Devil's understatement and offbeat character performances will win you over. I can't guarantee however that you'll remember a sliver of what it was about 24 hours on. 7GUMS.  

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